Monday, June 25, 2007

Bacon bait-and-switch at LGA

How are we eating our bacon today?

Not as advertised on the menu at the Ciba Cafe and Wine Bar at New York's Laguardia Airport, that's how. The menu offers a grilled tuna and pancetta BLT. Not your standard bacon fare, but intiriguing, and being the game fellow I am I decided to give it a go. Upon arrival the sandwich was quite pleasing. Tuna steak quite rare, fresh tomato and lettuce, garlic mayonnaise, fresh sourdough bread. Altogether very promising. However, when I lifted the bread to have a look, who's inside? Not Mr. Pancetta, but regular old streaky bacon! Imagine my surprise! Not what the doctor ordered indeed! Of course everything ended well since regular bacon actually made the sandwich much better than that Mario Batali crap.


Anonymous Jane said...

Here's a link full of bacon-y goodness for you.

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