Monday, June 18, 2007

How You Eating Your Babies?

We got a lot of email about the Italian (or something) comic about the baby-eating Mongols. So here's some more. Mmm. It's their innocence which make 'em taste so good! Dear Guide:

I received an email last week which was quite disturbing and, to say the least, disgusting. It is about dead babies that can be bought from hospitals in Taiwan for $70 to meet the high demand for grilled and barbequed babies!

I am sure this must be a hoax, although the message comes with an attached slide show, showing how the baby is prepared, cooked and eaten.

Could you please investigate?

Dear Reader:

I think we can safely say that the Chinese as a people do not routinely eat babies or fetuses; nor do Jews, Christians, witches, aborigines or any other groups accused of doing so over the centuries. There's simply no proof of it.

Until now:

Looks like he's also drinking Tang. That stuffs good for you. It's what astronauts drink.

And hey - it's not just the Chinese who eat babies:
Finally, I tried to find a baby dressed up as a slice of bacon - because that's almost the ONLY way you're going to get ME to eat a baby! But apparently the internets don't have that picture right now. So instead here is this:


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