Saturday, June 09, 2007

How You Eating Your Bacon?

A late night bacon cheddar BBQ dog from der Wienershcnitzel in Highland Park. Not bad at all, and better service than I got from the surly bar wenches at Mr. T's Bowl.

The bacon itself was unremarkable. but despite it's appearance above it was cooked well enough and the flavor held its own against the BBQ sauce and hot doggity-taste. The fries were fine. There are so few good fry places out there. In-N-Out makes most other places' fries just suck in comparison.

The people at Mr. T's bowl are never nice to me. I have no idea why. Especially the waitresses. And I still tip them a dollar a drink.

Today I finished the last of my 5 lbs of slab bacon that I got for Christmas. It was given to me by Lucky Doubles Roller who died several months ago. Eating the last of the bacon he gave me basically is the same as eating his soul, and now I have his power. Whatever that was.

I have more Darth Vader helmets to post too.


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