Monday, June 04, 2007

Moroccan Family lives in Public Toilet for Seven Years

Now he's lost his job and things might get bad for his family.

BBC - A family living in a public toilet in Morocco have spent seven years requesting more hygienic accommodation.

Aze Adine Ould Baja and his family
The family's troubles began when their daughter was kidnapped

Their pleas fell on deaf ears, and Aze Adine Ould Baja has had to endure the ignominy of having "Sidi toilets" as the official address on his identity papers.

"I was fed up with the situation and I was becoming more and more ill," Mr Baja explained. "There were lots of vermin in the toilet. My little boy is only seven months old but he is also a Moroccan citizen and deserves better."

But a few days later the local authorities moved in to block up the toilet's entrance with cement and concrete. Mr Baja, his wife and three children now find themselves barred from the only home they had.

In a narrow street of the old medina in Sale, the city across the river from the capital, Rabat, Mr Baja explained how he fell into poverty and ended living in the public lavatory, where he was the attendant.

He worked at the toilet for 23 years, where he earned less than $1 a day.

"How can a married man feed his children on a dollar a day?" he asked.

"When my son went to school, the other children would tease him and call him 'the boy from the toilet'. "When he came home he would cry and asked me why we lived in the toilet."


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