Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Recent Mistakes I've Made

- Left one of my shoes at a parking lot in Yosemite Park. Went back for it a couple of hours later. It was gone.

-Took two sleeping pills at about 2 a.m.. All it did was insure that I would be even more groggy for most of the next day than I'd have been if i just awake all night.

-Broke another "unbreakable" wine glass. It slipped from my hand as I was washing it.

-Was unable to fold up a tent in such a way that it would fit into the tent bag. In fact, it wouldn't even fit in the huge plastic container under the bed that the tent baag is supposed to go into.

- Am keeping too many old clothes, too many books, too many CDs.

-Spilled coffee everywhere after I was grinding it. And again when I was trying to put it inthe coffeemaker. Seem unable not to spill coffee.

-Am unable to eat all of the food in my refrigerator before it starts to rot. Not sure when it's going to go bad, or if I can tell when it's happened.


Blogger Dayna said...

Stop breaking wine glasses. Are you trying to break my record?

11:32 AM  

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