Sunday, March 16, 2008

Even more gone.

Another stack of vinyl, maybe 50 or 60 LPs, including all Boomtown Rats LPs, most Guided by Voices, all REM, old crappy punk. Most of what I have left now is worthless and will hopefully go away in a yard sale. Then what's left goes to Goodwill, except for some Robyn Hitchcock and Tom Waits.

Also went through my closet and got rid of six bags of old clothes, including a 1990 black Gap long-sleeve hooded t-shirt, and a black trenchcoat with metal studs on the shoulder.

What's next? More CDs I guess. Some books too probably. It's not just books and LPs that are gone: The stock market is very depressing. It seems unlikely we will end 2008 with as much as we started with, even if we continue to work for the whole rest of the year.

reading: Perfectly Legal, an in incredibly depressing book about how rich companies avoid taxes and stick working people with the bill.


Blogger where i live said...

i remember that black gap shirt. it must be gray by now.

11:25 AM  
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