Thursday, March 13, 2008

What DId I get rid of Today?

Albums! Long players. that went long unplayed. Many of these have not been played since I was in college 17 years ago. Others since high school. Yeah, really - high school. There was very little I don't have on CD or some digital version of, and even the stuff I didn't - I don't need it.  so, what went away?

Husker Du: Candy Apple Gray.
REM: Automatic for the People.
Velvet Underground: First LP, and White Light/White Heat
Bauhaus: Burning from the Inside
Elvis Costello: Impreial Bedroom, King of America
Sisters of Mercy: Floodland (I kept the way rare Reptile House EP, for now.)
Pole: 1
Tones On Tail
Beck: everything except the Bong Load vinyl which I had already sold to people in Japan and Germany for hundreds of dollars
Sting: Bring on the Night
U2: 12" singles form Joshua Tree

I'm still terrified of becoming a packrat, living in an apt piled high with books, newspapers, trinkets, three million CDs and who knows what else, so that I have to wander through various pathways among the mess. (shudder).


Blogger where i live said...

wow. can't believe you've gotten rid of that vinyl. i'm sure you have actual crap records still on the shelves, why did you get rid of velvet underground or tones on tail?

9:42 PM  
Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Because I have it all on CD or on digital file. I don't need big 12" versions of this stuff anymore.

Also: Portishead 2nd.
Jim O'Rourke: 2 Drag City LPs.

11:09 PM  
Blogger where i live said...

yeah but....

8:32 PM  

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