Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Airlines suck.

Hong Kong airline Oasis stopped flying today stranding hundreds. Another budget carrier, they were known for offering flights from Hong Kong to London for $65 and also recently launched a Vancouver / Hong Kong schedule.

Bymy count they are the fifth airline to go under this month.

It's not just airlines that suck. Boeing does too. "Boeing announced on Wednesday the third major delay on its 787 Dreamliner, citing slow progress on assembly and continuing problems with suppliers, putting the program about 15 months behind schedule."

Boeing blames foreigners: "Boeing also has had difficulties with a program that leans unusually heavily on overseas suppliers." But of course they're the ones who decided not to make the parts within the U.S.

So how is American Airlines doing today?

American Airlines cancels 850 more flights

Nice. Good job.


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