Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I'm Getting Rid of - thanksgiving edition

Another big batch of vinyl, maybe 25 LPs worth:
All Love & Rockets LPs and 12" singles, including Kundlini Express and Ying and Yang the Flower Pot Man
Police: Ghost in the Machine
Tones on Tail: Pop
Bubblemen 12" single
Bauhaus: Press the Eject and Give Me the Tape
Roxy Music: The Atlantic Years
Ramones: Pleasant Dreams
Soft Cell: 12" Tainted Love and an LP.
New Bomb Turks: Some 10" colored vinyl import
Claw Hammer: Hold Your Tongue
Boomtown Rats: MondoBongo
Bob Geldof: 1st solo album and the promo only Q&A interview disc
E*I*E*I*O: That Love Thang (Frontier records alt-country band that I rad a Rolling Stone review of in 1986.

Also sold a Kinks BBC Sessions CD set, the out of print Rhino edition of the Plimsouls' album, and the original edition of the Love & Rockets self-titled CD.

Standing behind me in line to sell stuff was the former head buyer of the Virgin Records store on Sunset. Thought about using the trade to buy the new Robyn Hitchcock box set or some of the new KMFDM reissues. Then took the cash.


Blogger where i live said...

you are a better man than me. i can't stand to get rid of the vinyl. cds no problem but vinyl? makes my head hurt.

10:37 PM  

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