Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jollibee Sunday!

The new Jollibee place opened down the street from me. It's so crowded that it nearly causes traffic accidents. I havent ventured in yet, though my previous experience with their Big Aloha Yum Burger at another lcoation was less than stellar. New product info time though! This week: The many moods induced by Spicy Chickenjoy Anghang-sarap!

How a drumstick can cause a mere human to make the emotional journey from wonderment to infatuation to love to respect is truly a miracle that only the bumblebee god-chef can fathom. Jollibee's efforts to link their food to strong emotional outbursts can only be interpreted as layingg the groundwork for total mindcontrol of the fine fine Filipno communities world-wide. Bida Ang Sarap!

Past Jollibee features here:
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Blogger Nein said...

I discovered the Jollibee when I visited the Philippines a few years back. I took a picture with the Jollibee Bee but can't find. No bueno.

10:07 PM  
Blogger Mr Lucky Doubles said...

The essence of the chef-god Jollibee (all hail) cannot be captured with your primitive pho-to magic.

You were lucky to escape with your soul intact.

8:57 PM  

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